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about The Yard Studio


The Yard Studio is a creative space located in the beautiful village of Jugiong, NSW. The Yard Studio, Jugiong offers boutique Wedding and Event floral designs and experiences, along with a carefully selected range of quirky artwork by emerging and established Australian artists. The Yard Studio also offers a creative space for workshops, bespoke fresh flowers on order, indoor plants and a collection of unique gifts.

The Yard Studio was established in 2017 by Tillia Withers. Tillia has worked for several years in the floral industry, collaborating with industry leaders. Tillia has been a practising artist for over a decade. Tillia’s works are available at The Yard Studio.

The Yard Studio evokes emotion, memories and heightens senses.

The scent is incredible as you walk through the door.

about Tillia

Growing up on her family farm, Tillia’s love of the farm, animals, flowers and gardens were definitely imprinted from a young age. Working in a large range of agricultural industries and now residing on another mixed enterprise farm, she has been able to maintain that ‘love’. Tillia spent a large amount of her childhood immersed in the garden and amongst flowers as her mother and grandmother have always been keen gardeners, with her grandmother operating a large Rose garden, Tillia would explore, smell the amazing scents and from time to time assist with clippings, watering and pruning.

Tillia continued her passion for art by attending workshops and art sessions. Having studied visual arts through school, Tillia is predominately a self-taught artist. Tillia experiments with a range of media to create new and provoking pieces, however her primary practice involves drawing and painting with graphite, pencil, charcoal, watercolour and acrylic or oil -often combining these mediums. Through her art, she explores concepts and ideas involving line, colour, tone and texture which has led Tillia to develop her floral design. Having an understanding of these elements has assisted greatly when creating unique and creative bespoke florals. A floral mentor inspired Tillia to continue her passion in a rural area and open The Yard Studio. The yard Studio offers a unique experience by providing the freshest and highest quality flowers and brings together a range of Australia’s creatives for others to enjoy.