'Billy Button Berrigan' Candle - Fig and Olive

'Billy Button Berrigan' Candle - Fig and Olive

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Custom candle created specifically for The Yard Studio. Each candle is beautifully package and feature one of Tillia’s artworks. These candles smell incredible!! Note: Candles will be packaged in a lovely soft beige box instead of white.

Small candle: Approximately 30 hours burn time.

Large candle: Approximately 60 Hours burn time.

Fragrance: “fresh mediterranean fig and leafy olive branches, softened by gentle hints of amber and laid down on background notes of warm cedar” Ashlea Moorehead, Candle maker

All of our custom candles are hand made and created here in NSW. They are made using natural, high quality soy wax. The wicks do not contain lead or other metals as they are also made out of natural fibres.

Candle Care:

1. Never burn on/or near anything flammable

2. Always burn on a level heat resistant surface

3. Never leave a candle burning unattended

4. Keep out of reach of children and pets

5. Ensure wicks remain upright during use and keep trimmed to 6-8mm before re-lighting your candle

6. Avoid direct sunlight

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Our candles can be delivered with your Mother’s Day flower order, creating the perfect gift.

Or we can ship Australia wide.