Vase Arrangement

Vase Arrangement

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Our vase arrangements are an amazing gift for yourself or someone else as they are created in a really unique way by incorporating all the flowers and elements naturally to create little stories and interest in the arrangements. They are created in our Yard Studio style and the best thing is you get to keep your vase to use again and again! We also endeavour to work with the freshest and highest quality seasonal flowers always.

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Our Mother’s Day flowers will be available to pick up if pre-ordered at Ivy and Art in Jugiong, at our Mother’s Day pop-up store at S and AJ young and you can also have flowers delivered in the townships of Young and Cootamundra.

We will ensure that our flowers are of the highest quality and fresh, however please ensure that you take great care of them once they leave us to ensure you get the longevity out of them and are able to enjoy them for a long period of time. The best ways to keep them for longer is making sure they aren’t left in a hot place (such as in your car), trimming the stems and ensuring they have clean water with all stems immersed in the water.

On our deliveries, when someone doesn’t seem to be home we wait for was long as we can for their answer before we make our decision whether to leave the flowers there for them. We do not normally like to leave them if they are not home, especially if it is a really warm day, so we leave a note to say please call us to arrange re-delivery, however if you a happy for us to leave them if they are not home on delivery please specify that when you are completing your order.

Thank you very much for your order and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Have a nice day! xo